Mercer Ave

by Back and Forth

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Nick Timoniere
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Nick Timoniere These guys are from my area, and I'm friends with a few friends of the band who sort of re-introduced me to them. Awesome album, I'd say its a step up from their last release. Favorite track: 5. My Lady Mercy.
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released January 18, 2013

Produced by Back and Forth and Pete Andrews
Recorded 2011 through 2012 at Submergent in Middletown, NJ by Pete Andrews. Assisted by Steve Owsinski and Wes VanGuilder. Mixed by Pete Andrews. Mastered by Dan Shike at Tone and Volume Nashville.



all rights reserved


Back and Forth Middletown, New Jersey


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Track Name: 1. The Poor Soul Entry: 1 A Letter Written With Broken Hands
(Under the moonlight that held the blood of Port Monmouth within its skin, she stood as stone while the water brushed up against her toes. With the words of farewell painted behind her eyes, Mercy stood like a ghost and saw his poor soul in the New York City skyline.)

" Its been awfully cold down by the harbor, my Navesink. These past few years i've been prying the jaw of steel, in search of tearing truth from fear. And the kids in this town they just turn into ghosts. When the seasons turn over, they chase the shoreline for comfort and hope. When the darkness falls from the sky, its like the dirty angels are returning to hell. In October, you get lost in the night, with chains fastened around your ankles, they dragged you away as you fell. In this town, you live through black decisions. And in this town, you sin for the unforgiven. While the sway of every breeze, took away the attention of every man who breathes, in this little world within. We'll never know the secrets this dusty old spy house holds, for they lay in protection by thunder and crashing waves from abandoned boats. I'm a poor soul, for all these years i moved with the shadows.

My lady mercy,
This is the truth inside the fear that you wrote,
And my secrets this dusty old spy house holds. "
Track Name: 3. Disconnected
Disconnected from all that i love,
This lonely road is fucking wearing me down.
I'm sorry old friend that i was never enough,
I lay with the switchblade lovers laying down in the dust.

I lay awake suffering this agony,
While you remain cold asleep.
I sharpen knives off the edges of my bedsheets,
Just to keep my head up to breathe.

I'll wage a war on foreign shores
Just to heal my wounds.
Im northern bound, with the bound to lose,
and i'm disconnected from all i love.

Fading away, My old friend.
Track Name: 4. Young Love (Ft. Straight Edge Sean)
So please tell me darling,
who holds you when you cry?
Who's shoulder harbors your tears,
When they fall from your eyes?
When your brothers ghost stole your hope,
Out in the street and in the cold,
Who untied you by the throat,
And stepped you down from the rope?

Casket alone, forgetting young love.

When i disappear, where will i go?
You'll know when im desperate,
I'll be scratching at these train windows.

And im in search of,
Days without these chains wrapped around my ankles.
Something to numb the pain.

Loves changing faces,
As fading erases,
And she was love,
But now she's gone and i've loved enough.
Track Name: 5. My Lady Mercy
Don't give me that look when i speak of misery,
Cause when you ask me how i've been,
Just shows you weren't there with me.

My lady mercy, hold the bottle close.
Cocaine to numb your pain,
You left me damaged when i needed you the most.

Now i'm falling apart.
My lady mercy, oh baby hurt me.
My lady mercy, you'll never hurt me.

Its like im so used to being alone,
The uncomfort, the hurt.
The constant tie of the tongue in search of the words.

Hurt me, my lady Mercy.
Track Name: 6. Against My Will
Against my will, i exist in this scripted kingdom.
Death is the only escape, to break free from this tortured prison.

Im bleeding against my will.
Im falling against my will.
In this prison against my will,
Im losing my will to be.

These mirrors whisper lies to me,
These lies make it hard to breathe.
Making me a slave to sleep,
In this tortured prison of insecurities.

Where do we go, when we fall asleep?
Were dreams made to heal, and wrap our bones as we start to bleed?

Against my will.
Track Name: 7. 115 Tindall Rd
(As the poor soul remains arched over her while she lays lifeless on the ground,
he whispers softly " I wont let you go ".)

Oh, October.
Centanni speaks through the hollow of this breeze.
Of when i'd hold her,
In the schoolyard in-between,
This photograph still seems to believe in us as more.

(October: Don't let me go)

That night you never came home,
I'll just see you on 115 Tindall Rd.
Track Name: 8. Violent Minded
Demonic decipals , im violent minded.
The torch holders bear rifles for this ladies tongue holds death behind it.
I hope you know, i'll never show, you how i feel.
I'll just drive home, all alone, with my ribs gripping the steering wheel.
Nothing is perfect,
No love is worth it.
And if you smile, reverse it.

Its so hard to believe,
For us to bleed,
Was for us to breathe.

Now let me breathe.
Track Name: 9. Isolated (Ft. Joe None)
Why did you abandon me?
Look me in the eyes, tell me what the fuck you see?
Please, oh please, don't leave our days,
Under his bed while we're at war.
Next to your clothes,
Next to his belt,
And a pack of cigarettes laying on the floor.

Why, do you always leave me so fucking broken?
You could have fallen apart in my arms.
All i wanted was to pick up your pieces and put you back together.

For anyone who's ever fallen apart...
For anyone without eyes to unfold on.

There's never dice with the devil,
But his first step back will be my first step in.
And i will conquer him through infinite sins,
Ripping through skin, now let me begin.
Let me.